The rates below apply for disposal of certain items. Household hazardous waste has its own disposal program.

Recycling of household materials is always free. Materials accepted: mixed paper (including newspaper and cardboard), glass (bottles and jars of all colors), metals (aluminum, tin and steel cans), plastics (containers #1-#7) and e-waste (computers, TVs, cell phones and other consumer electronics). No Styrofoam or plastic bags.

Item Rate
Refuse $64.00/ton
Yard Waste *Oleander, Palm, Cactus and Yucca are considered General Trash $33.75/ton
Wood Waste **Non stained, painted or treated. No particle boards $33.75/ton
Scrap Metal $28.00/ton
Dirt/Concrete*/Asphalt* $28.50/ton
Petroleum-Contaminated Soil (Analysis results required) $28.50/ton
Packer Loads $45.75/ton
Residual Solid Waste $32.50/ton
Waste Water Sludge (Analysis results required) $30.75/ton
Tires <36″* $2.00/each
Tires 36-48″* $16.25/each
Tires 49″-60″* $49.00/each
Item Rate
Tires >60″* $130.75/each
Appliances/Furniture * $10.25/each
Freon Appliances *Includes: AC units, Freezers, Refrigerators, plug-in water dispensers, etc. $30.75/each
Special Handling Fee $76.50/load
Mattresses/Box Springs** Free (Limit 5)
More than 5 Mattresses/Box Springs $10.25/per each additional
Tarp Fee/Commercial Vehicles $50/per occurrence
Tarp Fee/Non Commercial $10/per occurrence

Commercial trucks not covered by a tarp will be charged a $50.00 tarp fee. Non commercial loads will be charged a $10 tarp fee.

*Fees for bulky items are waived during Bulky Item Collection Events.

**Recycling mattress and box springs is free for residents of San Benito County. The landfill accepts up to 5 mattresses and/or box springs per household per day. Residents will be required to show proof of address through a driver’s license or utility invoice along with ID. Additional mattress and box springs will be charged $10.25 per each additional unit.

Wood Waste Accepted: Lumber, pallets, clean construction wood debris, logs and tree trunks (without root ball),  wood crates, wood cable spools, diseased pine and oak. Particle boards, stained wood, painted wood or treated wood waste is considered general trash.

Yard Waste Accepted: Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, small branches, pruning’s, small dimensional tree materials, bamboo. Oleander, Palm, cactus and yucca are considered general trash.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday  9am – 3pm
Closed: New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Payment Types Accepted:  MasterCard, Visa, Charge accounts. No Cash accepted.  apply for a credit account.